Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch
Bella Poarch

  • ªzuxø


  • Gerel Aranzal
    Gerel Aranzal

    Please make more song

  • Tet Chu Chong
    Tet Chu Chong

    Omg it’s ZHC

  • Евгения Распаковка
    Евгения Распаковка

    Love 💓 Bella

  • هوش

    كنت احبك واحسك لطيفه بعد ماعرفت انك تدعمين اسرا*ئل كرهتك ومعاد صار فيني اتقبلك

  • Clips Dos Youtubers
    Clips Dos Youtubers

    Cadê o Brasileiro ??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • azhar kour987
    azhar kour987


  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez

    1:44 mia Khalifa

  • S7R


  • Kim Duterte
    Kim Duterte

    Bella Poarch💖💖💖

  • Gacha_bee Mocha
    Gacha_bee Mocha

    I found out it was by Bella poarch on tiktok lol

  • Shenghui Ye
    Shenghui Ye

    You know you copied mozart

  • Niki Neo
    Niki Neo

    I love your song it’s my favorite 👍❤️

  • Prema Tewari
    Prema Tewari


  • Mazeda Khanam Lipi
    Mazeda Khanam Lipi

    I love you bella

    • Poly Gogoiシ
      Poly Gogoiシ


  • Leevi L
    Leevi L


  • Сасори

    Похоже немного на видео маразма🗿

  • Hüseyn sultanlı
    Hüseyn sultanlı

    I love Bella poarch

  • Creepirty Playz
    Creepirty Playz

    I looked at ZHC and I said he looks familiar then I looked at the description and I saw ZHC

  • King777

    why NO VIdeo 1 ( Tại Sao Lại Video Tiếp Theo ? )

  • DoggedToaster97 same
    DoggedToaster97 same


  • O.M.E.G.A

    Anyone see this song is from Mozart the creator of the original song?

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      No the mozart one is fake and how the hell u can record a piano song in 1768?

  • Juliana Iroy
    Juliana Iroy


  • Sarah Damko
    Sarah Damko

    This Isn't about the song but the cgi looks real gotta be honest

  • Lenti Lori
    Lenti Lori

    This song is actually of morzart I found A short randomly telling that Bella poarch Stole Morzart 's song at first I didnt believe but When I searched it It had the same tune as bella poarch's build a bitch

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      The original is from bella's and how the hell u can record a frickin piano song in 1768?

    • David Ingresa
      David Ingresa

      Its fake, that video from "the Mozart song" si from a cover in piano of build a b

  • Q24 gaming
    Q24 gaming

    Bella i love your song💕❤️

  • melancholy
    melancholy 🥺❤️

  • great yk
    great yk

    this song deserves better places ı love it it's so goodd

  • Alannah cavanough
    Alannah cavanough

    I only found one friend I think it was ZHC

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello

    Bruh. I rather be tortured by the chinese military for 2 years than listen to this garbage trashbo GIGA cringechamp, unpoggers music. Nobody will put this on thier spotify playlist XD

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      @Lenti Lori nah the mozart one is fake how the hell can u record a song in 1768?

    • Lenti Lori
      Lenti Lori

      @Dyus Miyo Oh Bella poarch stole morzart 's He is right Bella poarch is a trash If you want to know then go and search morzart's build a bitch

    • Dyus Miyo
      Dyus Miyo

      Look out we have an edgelord over here.

  • Shirley Peh
    Shirley Peh

    ZHC is here can't believe it

  • Feri Doci
    Feri Doci


  • Aynur Gul
    Aynur Gul

    Wow you are so cool

  • Suharto Nurwahono
    Suharto Nurwahono

    Njir mirip'' Roy kiyosi wkwkwkwk

  • Mr_Worax

    How did Rahim get there? and Mia Khalifa..... hmm

  • Adrian


  • Oscar Cuevas Perez
    Oscar Cuevas Perez

    bella l love the videos

  • EdgyLego

    Bob the builder broke my heart, :(

  • Astafyeva Alyssia
    Astafyeva Alyssia

    песня: 🥺💓😍😘 клип: 😡🔥☠️👹

  • Peeshma Jain
    Peeshma Jain


  • Sheila Sofia
    Sheila Sofia

    This is my favorite song.... I love it ♥️

  • Selma 🌸
    Selma 🌸

    OMG 🌸🌸🌸

  • vladanka kotev
    vladanka kotev

    Did u copied mozzart?

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      She didnt copied it mozart one is fake

  • Arkadiusz Brzozowski
    Arkadiusz Brzozowski

    Mega greeting number from Polish

  • Divine Healing
    Divine Healing

    Bella porch = Like Rick Roll = Reply

  • 20k Challenge without a Video
    20k Challenge without a Video

    Her Voice is so sweet! I love This Song!

  • Kiran Mishra
    Kiran Mishra

    There's mia khalifa too😁

  • Cairo Calahat
    Cairo Calahat

    the music is like mozart

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      Nah the mozart one is fake..

  • The Warlock
    The Warlock

    Bella is only filled with plastic and fake shit

    • Lenti Lori
      Lenti Lori

      @Mason He is talking That bella poarch is A illuminati cause I followed her on Tiktok and I saw a video of her putting a Satan (which means that she is illuminati)

    • Mason


  • MegaShark93

    Thanks Bella For this Video Now All People Can Watch it. 🤩☺️🔥

  • KNL X
    KNL X

    Bella poarch

  • rin


  • Pol Alejandro
    Pol Alejandro

    Te amo mucho ❤️

  • lenni marlina
    lenni marlina

    Takilala ni ate si jennie. At bakpink na rin rossa👌🙋😏😛😅😄🤗😇🤔

  • Ibadete Sadrija
    Ibadete Sadrija

    I saw jams Charles whene the hose whas on fire she whas rinong

  • HenryStickmin

    I found zhc 👀 the artist

  • kakashi hatake
    kakashi hatake

    Bob the builder was wrong- You need more than a fixing

  • 16744-Hashim Khaled Alshareef
    16744-Hashim Khaled Alshareef


  • Alexxx

    Tha- tha- thats zhc👀

    • Alexxx


  • wow bc
    wow bc

    It’s funny girls acting like this but then they want a ripped guy who’s super rich get of your high horse

  • Chang an
    Chang an

    How is zhc in the song i am confused

  • Jackie Loller
    Jackie Loller

    How the F do you have 4 million subscribers for a trash song oh and alsofibill.infofMXmbj-EjjM?feature=share

  • Arturo Perez
    Arturo Perez

    Can you make another music video

  • Ingeniero Terraplanista
    Ingeniero Terraplanista

    Nice MK Ultra slave! Hope this is worth selling your soul...

  • Rotem Shalev
    Rotem Shalev

    MOZART 1768

    • Fendy Kimberly
      Fendy Kimberly

      @David Ingresa yea

    • David Ingresa
      David Ingresa

      No, that video came of a cover in piano of the song of bella

  • BLINK 💞
    BLINK 💞

    Proud of my girl ✨ 🥺


    I watched this video because of Mia Khalifa

  • Cándeler :D
    Cándeler :D

    Luv this song so much

  • yulia meariru
    yulia meariru

    2:14 сразу видно что там русские снимались

  • isidora ormeño
    isidora ormeño

    Bella poarch is prety

    • Taharats hobby
      Taharats hobby


  • Zenia Garcia
    Zenia Garcia

    And bella dont pretend to be english language i know your fillipina so i can tagalog now i saw your transformation ??? Years but i support you also

  • Zaid Siddqui
    Zaid Siddqui

    Isme mia ka sahi se dikhaya gaya hi nahi hai she is a star but ausko toh aekdam side kar diya hai