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  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah

    Bruhh when you turn on the subtitles it’s just funny

  • Alexandria The Great
    Alexandria The Great

    When I was younger this song would give me nightmares and scare the absolute shit out of me. Just pure horror for some reason lmao

  • colby durrentt
    colby durrentt

    The upbeat antelope lilly step because reading frustratingly bare of a comfortable hair. hulking, unsuitable siberian

  • Meme Reposter
    Meme Reposter

    "but u didnt have to cut me off" really expected me to say nekalakininahappenenawiwanatin

    • Meme Reposter
      Meme Reposter


  • Inquisitive

    0:14 mogus

  • Siyasamkela Jebejebe
    Siyasamkela Jebejebe

    The world needs more of Gotye's music

  • colby durrentt
    colby durrentt

    The stimulating cherries laparoscopically book because shop visually force amid a malicious maria. chemical, gifted shoemaker

  • Breydon Nolan
    Breydon Nolan

    Looks like Carl Azoos

  • R-Mi

    wtf this song's 10 years old? how'd the time fly by so fast

  • Nolan Cohee
    Nolan Cohee

    No one gonna talk about how the captions are Dutch

  • livinghighfefi

    I've seen him before, somewhere, like someone i use t . . .o . . .kn . . .

  • くせー / ksei
    くせー / ksei

    YoU dIdN't hAvE tO cUt Me OfF, NekAlAkiNaNahaPpeNeNaWiWaNaTin

  • AegisTM

    don't really care, it's friday lads

  • generic content creator
    generic content creator

    scp gameplay vs lore

  • PokemonShibeGuy

    I was in high school when this song came out, and returning back now to the artists vision is kinda obscure but very simple nonetheless. Still a cool song to listen to.

  • Só carros
    Só carros


  • Lana %
    Lana %

    I remember watching this when I was 7, and the FIbill logo was gray TV I'm 17 now

  • Chase Tyson
    Chase Tyson


  • Party Myrtle
    Party Myrtle

    Such sweet sorrow 👁

  • Arjun Kaycee
    Arjun Kaycee

    Kimbra: Nintendo Gotye: Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • Ben Anomyse
    Ben Anomyse

    Awsome song bro

  • Tokyard


  • Dishock




  • Logan Whalen
    Logan Whalen

    R.I.P discord groovy bot.

  • Boris Marts
    Boris Marts

    10 years 🥴

  • Ken Kenderson
    Ken Kenderson

    Here early - 1.7b views

  • rrw

    It actually sounds better at 1,25x speed.

  • Laura rocha
    Laura rocha

    I was 1 year (it's the truth) looking for the song aaaaaaa

  • Esmeralda Paulino
    Esmeralda Paulino

    where this man at???

  • Enri Eri
    Enri Eri

    Who listen this song now in 2021.

  • Rafael Moreira
    Rafael Moreira

    Quando o TVZ era bom :(

    • Nebular

      Quem é tvz?

  • mata davey
    mata davey

    omg i remembered this song when i was young i used t always listen to this song when i 4 and when this song came in my sister said i used to sing to this because it would always play on the tv or radio and it brings back so much memories I'm now 14 years old and it gets me every time

  • Tyliek Pitts
    Tyliek Pitts

    And we’re back…10 years later and I still remember listening to this song when it first dropped. It’s crazy how time flies. This will forever be classic across the U.S. this song deserves all praise bruh. You always somehow return to this video and watch it.

  • jhonatan dias Batista
    jhonatan dias Batista

    É só eu ou esse cara parece com o Loki ?

  • divit6233 divit
    divit6233 divit

    This songs so soothing. Goyte is such a great musician

  • Elizangela lili Pampolim
    Elizangela lili Pampolim

    2:25 aqui começa

  • Bomk16

    1.7 billion views Christ when never gonna give you up gets 1 bil this guys almost at 2 billion

  • Sunshine

    Liebe dieses Lied immer noch

  • Petar Ernoić
    Petar Ernoić


    • Joel Molina
      Joel Molina


  • fluvin66

    Trapped within a pattern of behaviour. ... and so very cool, it was... is.

  • Siddharth Bhatia
    Siddharth Bhatia

    his teeth are aweful

  • Peter Jansen
    Peter Jansen

    This gets me through hard times

  • Lazy kat
    Lazy kat

    *Pero no tenias que pasarte de verga* La cancion

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar


  • pieczarapolska


  • Bmo

    Keep the comments coming

  • Laraydivine

    Wait it came out 10 years ago 😳🤔, what was I doing then

  • XxWaffles•GachaxX

    Why does he look a bit like old tom hiddleston

  • XxWaffles•GachaxX

    10 years old. W o w

  • Davidusko

    This is real nostalgia

  • Kwame Nyarko
    Kwame Nyarko

    2021 and I heard it this year I missed it all my life

  • DhaniAN

    the last song broadcast on groovy in discord, goodbye groovy, we will always remember your services

  • Who touched my potato
    Who touched my potato

    These mf's really dropped the banger of the century and then disappeared 💀

  • Shaheer Rahman
    Shaheer Rahman

    I still am addicted tot his song

  • Erick Velasco Martinez
    Erick Velasco Martinez

    Minimo unos 38M de likes pa esta cancion es GooooD

  • Grace

    when this banger came out I was 11 now I'm 22

  • Coran En arabe
    Coran En arabe

    C abderahmane

  • Jaclyn Pavlica
    Jaclyn Pavlica

    Still one of thee coolest songs out there.

  • Gherwisson Araque
    Gherwisson Araque

    Pensé q era la voz de katy perry

  • Michael

    song lore! 1:34

    • Wolferr

      Actually its 3:00

  • Надежда Биянова
    Надежда Биянова

    I like you sing

  • Christopher Anghel
    Christopher Anghel

    I'm currently in Romania on holiday and I hear people listening to this song like 100 times a day, it's really popular here lol.

  • Radewon

    R.I.P. Groovy

  • Siamezos Vasilias
    Siamezos Vasilias

    Unironically really good song

  • Soy Kuki xd
    Soy Kuki xd

    Soy la única que habla español? JSJSJS

  • Joseph Herman
    Joseph Herman

    Talk about the perfect song for couples who don't get along.Me and my GF were like this,we broke up and she committed suicide.She was a hardcore junkie to boot.Oh well.

  • Small rat
    Small rat

    Who’s still listening to this 2021?🔥🔥


    anyone here from the groovy song after it shut down?

  • Channel Kucing 294
    Channel Kucing 294


  • noah

    he using the ultimate camuflage


    This Should have been The Theme song Of ALIEN:Covenant

  • Manuela Cotazo Muñoz
    Manuela Cotazo Muñoz

    The best song

  • Najwa Nasai
    Najwa Nasai

    Came here bcs of TikTok. Gosh it's been 10 years

  • Paras Poudel
    Paras Poudel

    Pure ectasy

  • yasser tertag
    yasser tertag

    Now i actually do feel this song

  • Jan Hradil
    Jan Hradil

    But you didnt have to cut me off nekalakininahappenenawiwanatin 😭😔

  • Marcelo Hernández
    Marcelo Hernández

    Este es el comentario en español que buscabas, joya de canción :')

  • Adam Makhlouf
    Adam Makhlouf


  • CiptaanTuhan

    Missed the old days, not like the kids nowadays...