MELODYSHEEP is John D. Boswell, a Washington State based musician and filmmaker.

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  • RP2 Hard Coded
    RP2 Hard Coded

  • Self Wellness Company
    Self Wellness Company

    My protons can simply disintegrate. So, what am I? Why am I?

  • Ramanjaneyulu V
    Ramanjaneyulu V

    Humans have evolved alot 💪💪

  • Skeleball

    To make you feel better we can barely predict the weather tomorrow :|

  • Dodge

    CONGRESSIONAL HEARINGS, including aerospace/defense contractors, must be held to address something that transcends politics and we will never properly advance until it happens: The 75+yr ongoing EXTRATERRESTRIAL cover-up. How can we truly believe anything our elected officials say?

  • Zack Miller
    Zack Miller

    Damn space sounds a whole like violins and instruments

  • Aditya pathak
    Aditya pathak

    I thought its a meme

  • Nick DeBusk
    Nick DeBusk

    One of the best series I've seen on this topic! Visually stunning & outrageously creative. Great job.

  • M

    y'all, the universe is AMAZING and absolutely insane, can't believe we evolved enough to make such predictions.

  • Treveyon Kinnard
    Treveyon Kinnard

    Lol jus imagine a news cast in the future “a new planet has been found, said to have been called Earth and potentially had life on it billions of years ago, now on to the weather, itll be 158° on Bamaday”

  • RuttRho

    Think I'll have beer....

  • spinoqueen 247
    spinoqueen 247

    All good things must come to an end..

  • Jerardo Arellano
    Jerardo Arellano

    In the beginning, God said “let there be light!” In the beginning

  • wolfy6423

    i feel young verrrrrrryyyyy young

  • Camryn H
    Camryn H

    Although this leaves me completely unsettled, I keep coming back to watch it.

  • Chhem Sovanpiseth
    Chhem Sovanpiseth

    Respect for the camera men 📈📈📈📈📈📈 also he lived so long and the camera has a long battery 🔋 🤣

  • Durga Gurung
    Durga Gurung

    saturn: *loses its ring* Mars: *gets ring*

  • Durga Gurung
    Durga Gurung

    this makes me scared

  • BlAcKBlooD RappeLz
    BlAcKBlooD RappeLz

    so excited ! please do Dark Matter and Dark Energy Video next much love

  • Fuzileiro Games Official
    Fuzileiro Games Official

    5 year listening these song :)

  • Mohd Farhan
    Mohd Farhan

    The universe never started and is never going to end. We are too young for understanding and predicting the future of the Universe. P.S. This video is all fictional. Don't get depressed. Follow some good science channels like V101 Science. This channel has videos about Game of Thrones. It's science fiction, not science. Huge difference. Have an amazing day :)

  • ivor worrell
    ivor worrell

    This is all conjecture, no man knows with any degree of certainty

  • Theresa

    So damn excellent!! WTF sing-along!!

  • Lc Young
    Lc Young

    Absolutly amazing. 🤩

  • Mateus Augusto
    Mateus Augusto

    Esse camera man sofreu

  • Minesweet

    RIP Thom Dickerson, (1949 - 2014) ; the first news reporter. Apparently Dickerson missed his daughters birthday, which causef him to do this. He missed it because he was called in for an weather report.

  • Shakhawat Hossain
    Shakhawat Hossain

    5:29 am From Bangladesh Having mental illnesses i am watching this video.this video made me more skeptic about everything. Have good life❤️

  • Syn Wayne
    Syn Wayne

    Am i the only one who aint sure of this??

  • SlickSimmo

    Can someone please find the music at 6:40 I really want to know what song it is!

  • Eugenia Cons
    Eugenia Cons

    Porque lloro al ver esto?

  • ArmexUp

    I’m scared now. We don’t value life as we should!

  • The Blue Shark
    The Blue Shark

    The Irwin family: Yes he was stung in the heart by a stingray Steve Irwin's Soul: It was a accident everyone don't keep killing stingrays! Me: I'll never look at Mr Ray from Finding Nemo again

  • Cap Ed
    Cap Ed

    This would be a good story for an anime 😅 species fighting to absorb every last energy from every last star to survive

    • Manuel DelaCruz
      Manuel DelaCruz


  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith

    Universe: *dies' Me brain: *thinks of something' Also my brain: wow, such empty

  • ANoobDuck

    Imagine if we die and this is the last proof that we ever existed. Oh wait...

  • Jimothy Bridgemont III
    Jimothy Bridgemont III

    Not to put it too simply, but damn is this so cool on every level. Visually, informationally, and musically. Even as a laymen you can recognize the superb quality and the time and effort this must take.

  • snowforster

    i love this video with all my heart, the soundtrack, everything... i'm in tears

  • Ambist

    Dark energy bombs

    • Ambist

      I just said that and then on the video it said about creating simulated or creating universes

    • Ambist

      Well i think this is probably a simulation or there was a war that ended up with a dark energy bomb exploding destroying everything into hydrogen and then expanding it Maybe not a dark energy bomb because it might not or probably not possible

  • Ambist

    I still love black holes.

  • Ambist

    Person looks at this in the future and ask: by earth do they mean the ancient one? Other person: yes origin 1 Person: its funny because they lived around a sun Other person: yeah they didn't know how to move black holes Person: they don't even own a simulation or small super computer like the ones around red dwarfs Other person: I believe they were just making their first endeavour to their first other planet with people Person: origin 2? Other person: it was called mars Person: that's odd

  • Angus
    Angus @ 2:50

  • Angus

    BRAVO! This was amazing, I can't comprehend why 7.8k people didn't like this?! SMH

  • coronacienfe

    I am a Commando pro

  • Gordon Wolters
    Gordon Wolters

    Still my most favourite channel on YT.

  • Michael Yoseph Toviyahu
    Michael Yoseph Toviyahu

    Oh Ye of little faith

  • underakillingmoon


  • Jimothy Bridgemont III
    Jimothy Bridgemont III

    Crazy to think that the lizard men orchestrated it to be this way from the very beginning.

  • Mr J
    Mr J

    People saying in the comments we don't matter. We and what we do still matters(meeting new people, trying to impress them and and them like us,...). Everyone is unique and is leading their own "small" lives and that's amazing. Cos in the end who are we without human connections and interaction. We humans are social beings and can't stand being along

  • Astronautintheocean

    The most ironic fact is that while I’m watching this video and having an existential crisis, my grandmother is right next to me and watching a video about people fighting over their religions 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Adonis Garcia
    Adonis Garcia

    Super awesome video . I’m inspired to make some badass djent metalcore music now about space lol

  • Kenneth Khang Pham
    Kenneth Khang Pham

    "DEGENERATE ERA" that sounds like now lolllllllllllllll olololollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Motivate2Succeed

    just imagine the beauty of world I started making motivational videos Need support Thank you

  • Toma Yuu
    Toma Yuu


  • Canal Random
    Canal Random

    Si supuestamente evolucionamos del mono porque pvtas ni un mono hasta la fecha a evolucionado ???

  • [GD] xDrewww
    [GD] xDrewww

    I can watch this everyday

  • Ronald Evans
    Ronald Evans

    The music is overpowering. I could not make out what the commentator was saying so I stopped watching after a few minutes. Not enjoyable.

  • angry big retard
    angry big retard

    If you read this do NOT watch this while stoned my reality is crumbling and everything is terrible

  • The Fighter
    The Fighter

    Ngl this video is very depressing 🌚 literally made my mood off 🤒

  • Cantfindanameforthischannel

    When everything becomes nothing, I’m predicting big bang 2, that is if there wasn’t already several big bangs

  • Natalie Melgarejo
    Natalie Melgarejo


  • Ransom Kauzlaric
    Ransom Kauzlaric

    I was born on September 5th 2006 on the day before Steve died. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the reincarnation of him so I’m amazed of what he did.

  • Nayan Bhargava
    Nayan Bhargava

    What about phoenix universe and contraption theory

  • Natalie Melgarejo
    Natalie Melgarejo

    2010 days key 🗝️🔐

  • Aquea Ventus
    Aquea Ventus

    If alien's are more like us than we think then humanity is in very very deep trouble a conversation that I had the other evening the did you know that the silicon microbe is very similar to the carbon microbe it as the same structure but different but at the same time can also exist as a life form

    • Aquea Ventus
      Aquea Ventus

      My argument was in the conversation that though all the elements are there to create life it doesn't mean that life will spontaneously develop an extra element is needed a trigger if you like what some would call a spark to cause the chain reaction needed to bring all the elements of life together to create life

    • Aquea Ventus
      Aquea Ventus

      I.e. silicon based life form and carbon based life from

  • bcove90

    wrong were just some aliens snow globe

    • Manuel DelaCruz
      Manuel DelaCruz

      @Aditya Ji Yeh

    • Aditya Ji
      Aditya Ji

      That would be funny if it is true

  • Stormy

    The sounds are very impressive. It was one of the best things I've ever seen. It's weird, we're only at the beginning of this journey. Even if the events in the video do happen, we won't be able to see them. On the other hand, it's great that people have the intelligence to predict what's going to happen. We're just a tiny part of this universe.

  • Karl Lee
    Karl Lee

    There is never a moment in time where nothing at all is happening, even when time as we know it ceases to exist. The very fact that nothing will begin to happen, and continue to not happen forever, still means something is happening = a change that the universe has not experienced before. The universe will never truly die, and I believe it will begin again.

  • Михаил Доан
    Михаил Доан

    A gorgeous and pleasant surprise, thank you for your work!

  • SaladTaco Fox
    SaladTaco Fox

    Here’s a thought that just popped into my head. *if scientists believe that there’s a way we can make our own miniature universe to escape the one that’s dying or imploding, then Imagine this: if god is real and so is heaven, imagine if the people or higher beings that are said to watch over us are actually beings that made their own universe to escape the one that they were living in. Imagine if god was just someone like us. A person or alien who made another universe to escape their own. They don’t have full control over it, which is why our universe will eventually die, or explode, or freeze. But if WE ever managed to make our own universe, then technically we would become just like god. A living being that’s trying to escape the fate that has been layed out for them. Like how when you play a video game. YOU have made an escape from reality, so imagine if the rest of the universe made one BIG reality. You get what I’m saying?? If god IS real then there’s a chance that they are someone who is trying to escape from their dying universe by making another alternate reality.* think about that for a second.

  • _ C.C.C _
    _ C.C.C _

    Blew my tiny mind

  • Bruce Clark
    Bruce Clark

    I'm still waiting for the multiverse war.